Q: What do I need to rent a bay?

         A: To rent a bay in our garage you need to be at least 18 years of age, have a valid driver’s license and read and sign our waiver. Persons under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult and that adult must fill out and sign the waiver for the child. No young children (12 or younger) are allowed on the shop floor without special permission. Closed toed shoes are required at all times and it’s encouraged that long hair is tied back, loose clothing tightened up or rolled up and eye protection is worn at all times!!

Q: How does this work????

        A: It seems a lot more complicated than it is: You simply come in, tell us what you will be doing, and what kind of bay you think you need, or we will suggest one for you. Fill out a waiver if you haven’t done so, we enter you into our system and print out specifications for your vehicle (if available). We’ll throw all of that onto a clipboard and walk you out to the bay. If you are using a Lift bay we will assist you in getting your car up in the air! We’ll point out the locations of the bathrooms, the water fountains, fire extinguishers, and anything else you think you might need. Then we’ll go through the tool chest with you to show you that all of the tools are there and ready to go. Then we’ll turn you loose! 

Q: Can you do the work for me?

    A: YES!!! Please if you feel like you are at a point and you can't do it anymore without messing up your ride or hurting yourself or someone else, PLEASE let the professionals handle the rest that is what they are there for! We have hourly rates and things work a little differently in the WE-DO-IT-FOR-YOU part. But we are always more than happy to take over if you need us to!

Q: Is your place wheelchair accessible?

A: Indeed it is, both on the shop floor and in the retail shop and bathrooms, etc.

Q: Do you have a tire machine and balancer?

A: We don’t, no. Sadly, in today’s society, it’s too much of a liability concern above and beyond what we’re already into. With wheels being as expensive as they are, and tires going lower and lower profile we just don’t see a way to offer that to DIY’ers without it being a horror show. And the end result of this particular horror show is us being liable for way too much. Regardless of what actually happened, it’s going to be “DIY GARAGE's fault” if anything happens. So, no, we won’t have a tire machine or balancer for a while, if ever.

Q: Do you guys have an alignment rack?

A: We do not. We couldn’t see the point of spending $40k on a rack that requires a large area in our shop and some pretty intensive training to learn how to use and get proper results – and then turn that over to DIY’ers.

Q: Do I need to bring my own supplies?

A: Even though it’s a DIY garage we supply shop rags and paper towels at each bay, as well as hand cleanser at locations around the shop. Other supplies are available for sale and you’re also able to bring your own if desired. We may or may not have other greases/fluids/other items, but if you think you’re going to need it, you might want to bring it.

Q: Where do you suggest I order my car parts from?

A: We keep a small stock of general parts on-hand: anti-freeze, hose clamps, fuses, vacuum line and plugs, bulbs, etc. We can order parts through our system for you through our partners Davis Brothers (Carquest), Autozone, NAPA, Performace Trucks (KW) or O’Reilly Auto Parts and have them delivered to the shop. If parts are in stock we can usually have them in hand within thirty minutes. If not we can either have them delivered to you or if prior arrangements have been made, we can have them delivered to us where we’ll hold them for you until you’re able to come in and pick them up.

Q: Do you have welding equipment on-site for use?

A: Negative. We’re still considering how best to go about this but until we have a way to ensure the skill level of the person wanting to weld, we don’t. We’re also concerned with liability in the case of welding being conducted on our premises not being done properly and failing, ending in injury or death. But should you need welding done, we have professionals that are available to do it for a fee.

Q: Can I do body work here?

A: You can do some body work as long as it doesn’t create a lot of dust or fumes (no heavy Bondo or fiberglass work; small stuff is okay – please ask before starting) but we can’t do any painting (outside of rattle can) due to EPA regulations. DIY garage vs DIY body shop and all that. Please see the staff before starting any painting, Bondo or fiberglass work.

Q: It all sounds great – how do I get started??

A: Have your license plate number handy and see our staff to read and sign the waiver (and it’s a doozy*, I’ll tell ya – thank your government for that) and they’ll check you into a bay!

*Auto shops and working on vehicles can be inherently dangerous places and past times. While we will do our very best to ensure our customers are acting in a safe manner, there’s always a chance that you’ll find a way to hurt yourself or your vehicle. We’re all adults and responsible for our own actions and the chance IS there to get hurt, so do your best to pay attention to detail, watch what’s going on around you, and stay focused and aware. If you see someone acting in an unsafe manner, bring it to their attention and to the staff’s attention. If you get hurt or see someone else get hurt, make SURE you call attention to it/them and seek help from the staff as quickly as possible. We’re a family here and we don’t want family hurt.

Q: Do I have to be a member to drop off used oil or coolant? Do I have to change the fluids in your shop?

A: Yes, we do not accept fluids from outside the shop, please have all your fluids in a CLEAR bottle so we can see exactly what it is. They don't like it when we mix up the chemicals, and we are not in the business of huffing the container to find out what chemical is in the bottle. We have some class :)

Q: I’ve got another question!

Call us, text us, email us, or simply fill out this form to get in touch and we will be sure to answer all your questions!!!